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Do I have to buy a whole coin? No!

People are asking "BitCoin seems expensive, how can I afford to buy a whole BitCoin (BTC)"?

The simple answer is you don't. Satoshi Nakamoto (the developer of BitCoin), designed BitCoin with the ability to be divided into 100 million parts (0.00000001 BTC), with each part being called a "Satoshi". Even at the January 2021 prices of over $32,000 USD per BitCoin, a single Satoshi only costs $0.00033 USD. This means that for $1 USD, you can buy over 3,000 Satoshis (or 0.00033 BTC)!

The only limitation on the purchase amount are the rules of the Crypto Exchange (like a Stock Exchange for Crypto currencies like BitCoin) where you are buying your BTC. You can invest as little as $1, or even $0.50, and all the way up to millions or billions of dollars!

This means that anyone, with even a small amount of money, can begin the financially rewarding journey of Crypto currency investing. Purchasing Crypto currencies, such as BitCoin, can be done by on the Crypto exchanges by anyone without the need of a broker, agent or other outside company and without needing to pay membership or subscription fees to any of these services.

Anyone that wants to, can invest, buy or hold BitCoin or any other Crypto currency.

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