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WARNING: Crypto currency can be highly rewarding, but is a very highly volatile investment! Only invest what you can afford to lose! Never take out a loan to invest or trade any crypto currency!

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Everybody has the same opportunity to invest.

Investing in crypto currency is not just for the elite or upper class. Crypto currency products are available to anyone that want to invest in the many products (digital coins) available as crypto currency (like bitcoin etc).

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Question: I can't afford that much for an investment in crypto currency. Do I have to buy a whole Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency coins?
This is a question we hear a lot about crypto currency, and the simple answer is NO. BitCoin and other cryptocurrency coins are designed to allow purchasing or investing in just a small fraction of a whole BitCoin or other crypto coins. Even if you only have $1.00 to invest, you can invest in #BitCoin and other crypto currencies!
Kenny Rogers - The Gambler (1980) is a great song for cryptocurrency
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Early May 2021, the value of the bitcoin market was a staggering $1.05 trillion US dollars!

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Mad Dog Money™, Crypto currency, the future of finance™